Flappy Bird

281318Flappy Bird is a game which was developed in 2013 year for Android and Apple users, but it became so popular that the developers created a flash version of the game for people to play it through their web browser. This is a game without ending, a game without meaning but it is very addicting. Your character in this game is a fat bird, that have to fly though the endless number of pipes. The difficulty is that it is to fat to fly good, and you have to make it fly as long as possible. If you hit the pipe or fall down – you will have to start the game from the beginning. The most important thing about the game is the number of pipes that you passed. Some people can hardly ever pass 2-3 pipes, while others set record of 100 and more. If you are ready to try, here you are the official version of the game. Use Mouse Right Click to fly. Have Fun.

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